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Featuring traveling art exhibition, "Fireflies on the Prairies: Art and Technology Collide."

What can I say, but welcome to my site, artwork and innovations! Mom says, "Insure those hands!" It is with these hands that I have created a journey of new perspectives into the prairie land of Kansas through weavings and technology. It is a bumpy ride, but worth the effort to explore the site. I am including some artwork in other art mediums which are part of the indirect exploration and study to develop ideas for the weavings. I hope to make you smile. Thanks!


We will start our journey in the capital city, Topeka, Kansas with the Washburn University mascot, Ichabod who is tipping his hat and shows the cityscape reflection in his eyeglasses. He will guide us from the city to the prairies.

Chamber of Commerce Ichabod, Patty Kahn, handmade tiles, glass, copper, press letters and paint, 2016 copyright


Kahn_Traversing_2015B-2 copy.jpg

Get ready to see lots of sunshine and blue sky with many types of prairie grasses!

Prairie Shoe, handmade tiles, grout, by Patty Kahn, 2014 copyright



This still life drawing includes a nearby one room school house, the school bell, a tractor, a cow skull, sewing mannequin, drafting table and chair. My intent in the drawing was to include important objects that represent the culture of the prairies. Granted few one room school houses are used today in Kansas, but I wanted to show the past and the present through the dimming and clearity of lines. 

Attic Prairie Preserve, conte and charcole, 2012, Patty Kahn copyright


Prairie grass burnings also are a way of preserving the prairies as the burnt grass and remains provide nutrients for the soil. The cycle of grass growth continues because of the deep roots, which are sometimes 30 feet long.

Prairie Night Embers, fibers, 2017, Patty Kahn Copyright


This is Goldman the cat who belongs to friends Myrna and Allen.  He is hiding like a lot of animals in the prairies, only not in the grasses.

Goldman the Cat, color pencils and conte, 2014, Patty Kahn Copyright


Of course there is the Pheasant in the grasses who thinks he is totally hidden, like Goldman the cat. 

Pheasant Hide-away, fibers, feather, Glow sticks, 2017, Patty Kahn Copyright